Climate Action Cymru

Take climate action! Join a local climate action group or start your own.

We're facing a climate emergency.

It is the biggest threat to our very existence, and the window of opportunity to act and stave off all but the worst impacts of climate change, is closing.

What we do in the next few years will determine the future of the world.

We still have time to act, and we know what the solutions look like. We just have to work together to build them.


3 things you can do

The most powerful thing we can do to solve the climate emergency is to work together locally to make change happen.

Sign a climate petition

Find out how your council is performing

Start or join a climate action group - climate actions meetings are taking place across Wales

We also must all come together at key moments to push for change at a national level.


Wales can do better!

The Welsh Government was the first to declare a climate emergency.

Wales has a strong track record of ground-breaking policies like the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, so let's lead the way and set an example to the rest of the World.

Our nation should aim for net zero emissions as soon as possible and at least by 2045.


Transport: We need policies that actively encourage active travel, such as improved cycling infrastructure and clean air/low emission zones in major towns and cities across Wales. All buses, trains, taxis and private hire vehicles should be electric. 

Power: Wales need to meet all of its energy needs from renewable sources as soon as possible. According to IWA, this can be achieved by 2035.

Buildings: The electricity we use to light and heat our buildings should be from renewable sources. Our homes should be energy-efficient and well insulated.

Nature: We need to plant many more trees to absorb carbon from the air and continue our efforts be a bee friendly nation. Wales should be a place where wildlife and biodiversity is able to thrive.

Infrastructure: We need to invest in infrastructure for sustainable transport infrastructure and home energy efficiency. 

International justice: We need to stop investing in fossil fuels! The pension funds of Assembly Members and councils, for example, should be divested as a matter of urgency - take action today.

Waste: We must aim to be a zero waste nation by 2030. Wales should ban single use plastics, introduce a bottle deposit return scheme and a tax on takeaway cups ('a latte levy')

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