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Local government plays a big role in our lives and our environment – providing essential public services from education to waste, and making decisions on planning and developing our communities. This May’s local government elections in Wales are the first since the ground-breaking Well-being of Future Generations Act came into force. 




This is an exciting opportunities for councils to look afresh at what they do, and consider how they and partners can improve their area for our social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being, and help shape a sustainable future.

At Friends of the Earth we want to see a healthy environment that provides a flourishing life for current and future generations.


So if you find yourself going to a hustings, organising your own meeting, or simply if a candidate knocks on your door, make sure to ask them these top questions we've created based on what we'd like to see for the future wellbeing of Wales. 


  1. Will you commit to becoming a fossil free council by 2025?


  1. Do you support divesting Local Authority pension funds from fossil fuel companies?


  1. Would you agree to introduce carbon assessments of local authority budgets and major projects, and introduce a 5 year carbon budget?


  1. Are you prepared to utilise funding schemes and borrowing powers to develop a programme to make cold homes energy efficient?


  1. Will you support and implement an ambitious programme of solar panels or other suitable renewable energy systems on all suitable schools and public buildings?


  1. Can you commit to phasing out non-recyclable plastics and promoting reusable alternatives within public buildings and events?


  1. Would you be prepared to work with local take away outlets to ban polystyrene and other non recyclable food containers?


  1. Will you support a requirement for electric car charging points to be available at all suitable public buildings and car parks, and as part of new major developments and redevelopments?


  1. Will you work towards becoming a Bee Friendly Council under the new Welsh Government Bee Friendly scheme?


  1. Do you agree that the monitoring of air quality should increase, particularly around schools and residential areas, and that where necessary clean air zones to improve pollution hotspots should be set up?


And don't forget to vote on May the 4th (we didn't go Star Wars mad for no reason!) 


You can download these questions here, so you'll always have them handy.

File FOE Cymru Questions for Candidates 2017.docxFile FoECymru Local Election briefing.docx

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