Assembly members who support our call to divest the Welsh Assembly

Friends of the Earth Cymru are campaigning to stop the Welsh Assembly from investing in fossil fuels

The Welsh Assembly declared a climate emergency in April. But did you know that the Assembly Members (AMs) pension scheme still invests in fossil fuels?   

Divestment – taking money away from unethical funds – is a powerful way of showing the fossil fuel industry that we’re taking the climate emergency seriously. After all, we can’t fight climate breakdown while funding the very companies driving it.  

That’s why we’re asking our AMs to show strong leadership by making sure their own pension fund doesn’t support the companies fuelling climate chaos.


Welsh Assembly members who publicly support our call to divest the Welsh Assembly pension fund:

Mick Antoniw (Welsh Labour)

Elin Jones AM (Plaid Cymru)

Rhun ap Iorwerth AM (Plaid Cymru)

Dai Lloyd AM (Plaid Cymru)

Hefin David AM (Welsh Labour)

Eluned Morgan AM (Welsh Labour)

Llyr Gruffydd AM (Plaid Cymru)

Rhianon Passmore AM (Welsh labour)

Vicky Howells AM (Welsh Labour)

David Rees AM (Welsh Labour)

Delyth Jewell (Plaid Cymru)

Jack Sargeant AM (Welsh Labour)

Bethan Sayed AM (Plaid Cymru)

Adam Price AM (Plaid Cymru)

Rebecca Evans AM (Welsh Labour)

Helen Mary Jones AM (Plaid Cymru)

Neil McEvoy AM (Independent)




If you are a Welsh Assembly member not on the list and support our call please email


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